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"This journey with these beautiful women has changed my life at such an important time. To literally give me back my spine 'the brick and morter' to continue with my life. The peace I feel leaving here will stay with me for the rest of my life"


-Nina C.

"Dear beautiful ladies,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been a life altering experience. I leave you full of awe at our incredible universe. You have made me see myself here clearly and promise I shall walk on this planet even more gingerly than before. And I shall seek out the joy that beholds me.

Love to you all. I shall treasure you always"


-Sharyn B.

"When I first went to the retreat I was not sure what to expect to get out of it, but within the first hour of meeting and experiencing the class with Lina (I missed the first morning introductions) I knew this was where I needed/supposed to be. All of the teachers passed on their own wisdom to every person. Never before have I felt so much love, compassion, understanding, and passion from a group of women that I knew loosely or never had met before. When I walked away on the last day I knew I made life friends and grew as a person. As I did not realize how much I changed as the years passed and all the blocks that were in place were melting away. They gave me the space, the time to listen and experience, and the love I needed to get to that point and even then they went further by giving me the tools necessary to continue my path of healing mentally and physically. I can never express my gratitude in its entirety. Thank you Ladies and I love each and every one of you!"


-Jessica S.

"I can't believe how nourished and content I feel in my body and mind. Between the delicious home cooked meals, daily yoga and meditation I feel so taken care of.  Each day starts with a beautiful sunrise ceremony, led by Lexi. We all gathered in prayer to honor the elements and give gratitude for the day.  Lexi is also a truely amazing yoga teacher. I loved her approach with combining breathing meditation with the stretching. I had a phenomenal massage with Jessica and my skin is radiant after my facial with Sheila. The intuitive development class with Lina exceeded my expectations on all levels. She is a rare gem. The best part of my experience is the peace and love I feel in my heart which I can take home with me. Thank you so much, I look forward to the next retreat!"


-Angela S.

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