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We are honored to offer these workshops to practice The Nature Way's work. These are simple teachings, yet they have been lost to us for so long.  In a world that rarely stops demanding so much of our time and energy, most of us feel a void and are extremely disconnected. These workshops will teach us how to harness energy and begin to live in our truth, and at our highest potential. We will learn basic but effective tools to activate our lives so that we can manifest our dreams and live them.


Integrating healing practices from diverse cultures, our workshops are led by an amazing dedicated group of healers and instructors with varying skill sets.


Intutive Development:

Focus on honing your ability to connect with your intuitive self by listening to your guides.


Nutrition & Holistic Wellness:

Guidance to superfoods, food as medicine, and curbing bad eating habits. 


Yoga and Meditation:

The phyical art of of yoga, guided medition and breath work to bring strength and clairty.


Herbal Medicnals:

Hands on work with plant medicine, aromatherapy and herbs.






What we hope to inspire:


During our time together, there will be ample solo time given to break from group activities, if you so desire. Each day, we offer an intuitive development workshop. The intent of these workshops is to focus on honing your ability to connect with your intuitive self by listening to your guides. There will also be workshops for ideas on sustainable living, holistic nutrition, medicinal herbs and aromatherapy. We will also assist you in creating a spiritual toolbox that you will always possess, allowing you to carry these tools forward along your journey.


We look forward to creating a sacred space with you!



To learn more about returning to the "Nature Way", as modeled by Corbin Harney, the late Shoshone elder and founder of Poo-Ha-Bah, a healing center in Death Valley, CA, with whom one of our founders had the honor of studying, please visit the "Corbin Harney" page on our website.











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