Take a moment to read about our facilitators – who we are and what we offer. Each facilitator is directly involved in our numerous programs and activities and is available to assist you with any issues, should they arise. Each member of the Nature Way Healing Team offers a unique gift in their approach to healing.


Lexi has been involved in the healing arts most of her life. She became a massage therapist in 2000, practicing conscious bodywork for over 14 years. She has expanded upon a wide variety of healing modalities, specializing in deep tissue, swedish, reflexology and energy balancing. Lexi also had the privilege of working with the late Shoshone elder Corbin Harney. Harney started Poo-Ha-Bah (doctor water) a healing center in Death Valley. Working closely with Harney, the healing waters and learning the nature ways, she intends to pass along this wisdom for future generations. With Lexi having Native American blood in her, she feels honored to share her knowledge and gifts. Her focus lies in bringing all people together in honoring our mother earth and all we are, for peace and harmony for all of creation.  She is a mother of two, a kundalini yoga instructor, and an advocate for sustainability and justice for all people.

Lexi Ward

Sheila Dyche

Sheila hails from the great wine region of Sonoma County, and currently resides in Sacramento, Ca.  She is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and has been practicing body work and aesthetics for over ten years. With an emphasis in natural, plant-based skin care and personalized treatments, Sheila understands what makes people look and feel glowing and vibrant . After studying massage therapy and aesthetics, Sheila found a passion in nutrition and clean-eating. As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, her drive in life is to promote environmental sustainability and healing through nutrition by creating healthy relationships with food.  Her consciousness of contemporary life, matched with a profound recognition of radical health from the inside out, set the stage for a comforting, well-rounded guide for the body and soul.

Jessica Astley

Jessica grew up living in the Pacific Northwest, in 1998 she moved to the Hawaiian Islands where she studied plant medicines, sustainable farming, the healing arts and massage therapy. Some of her passions include travel, gardening, yoga, pilates and spending time in nature. She also operates a small business, La Floresta Botanicals where she creates homemade herbal bath and skin care products, using essential oils and plant based materials to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Jessica has a passionate and grounded approach to her life and her work in general. During our retreats she will be offering workshops on herbs, plant medicines as well as time to be creative with product making. 

Alex Purbrick


Alex Purbrick lives in the Shetland Islands in the far north of Scotland 

She is a Mother, writer and artist.

Alex lived and worked for four years with the late Corbin Harney at his healing centre, Poohabah in Tecopa, California.

She helped Corbin manage the day to day running of Poohabah as well as organise his speaking engagements to public groups throughput the Southwest.

Alex is the editor of The Nature Way (University Nevada Press, 2009) which tells the life story of Corbin Harney and his spiritual teachings of living in harmony with nature and our Mother Earth.

As a writer and artist Alex uses her words and art as a prayer for all nature continuing Corbins words and vision that we are all One People in One Mother Earth.