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Friends of the Water


The Friends of the Water project will re-direct the path of spiritual leader and Western Shoshone elder, Corbin Harney (through the Nature Way teachings) and help us as a modern day people begin a new path.

The teachings show us how to relate to the Water & Nature. As we evolve we learn that all things are interconnected, we see that we are water and that as stewards of this Earth must remember how to protect the Water and the environment. We were taught that water is a doctor, the true healer. If we don't begin to do this very important work, our water will not serve us, or heal us any longer. 


Friends of the Water is about bringing our sisters from across the pond, in Europe, together in these teachings. By creating this relationship, holding ceremony at sacred water sites in Europe and The Americas we hope to bring awareness around the crucial need to protect The Water.

Interested in


a water ceremony?

To help Friends of the Water

In order to bring this project to fruition we are offering an assortment of healing workshops, yoga and bodywork with all the proceeds going directly to this program.


75 minute - $80

Deep Tissue/Swedish/Energy Work/Reflexology/Thai


Gift certificates available for in home as well San Francisco, Sonoma/Napa/Marin County, Puerto Rico




Grounding Teachings


Three course set of grounding tools.

This can be done at our center in Nevada City which will include a trip to the healing waters of The Yuba or can be hosted over the phone or Skype



Private Yoga Class

45 or 90 Minute (up to 11 students)  $75

Kundalini/Hatha yoga class, infused with breath-work, meditation, bodywork ergonomically correct manipulations, and energy work shivasina.

We come to you!

Humbly accepting donations.

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