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This will be an online collaborative affair co-hosted by Alexandra Ward, Lina Erwin

and Jessica Astley.


We create a sacred circle to open in, with trust as our foundation.  It's all about intention.  Learning to develop spiritual etiquette and ask for permission from Spirit in all things.  


We are not just going to give you a toolbox with a few heavy tools but many small and effective ones for all the situations in your life

Welcome to the Elevated Empath Series


Have you ever wondered if you are an empath? Or have you ever wanted to further cultivate your empathic abilities? Even if you don't identify as an empath but have often wanted to further explore your connection to your spirit, the spirit realms, your ability to heal and your connection to it all then our Elevated Empath series might just be for YOU. 

The Elevated Empath series is designed to assist and guide you in cultivating a deeper sense of connection to self, an offering of various tools and practical exercises for empowerment, connecting with your intuition and divine truth. This will be an online collaborative affair co-hosted by Alexandra Ward, Lina Erwin and Jessica Astley.

Each course will be themed around the 5 spiritual elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Love


The first online course will begin in February 2022 and take place every other month, allowing for time to integrate and practice the work. 

Our last course will be an in person retreat location to be announced at a later date in 2022.  


We will be meeting weekly via zoom for a 2 hour class, totaling in 8 hours a month of face time. We will also have a private FB group where we can interact and share info, experiences and allow for further connection.  

Sunset in the Woods
A brief overview of each course and its theme:


February 2022


An exploration into grounding-why we need it, how to identify when we need it etc…. We will offer various tools and meditations for grounding our physical and energetic bodies. Exploring our relationships to the Earth and home.  


April 2022


A deep dive into the realm of Spirit and ethereal connection.  Learning how to connect with your Spirit guides and allies.  We will explore the realms of Spirit, the divine source, the energetics of protection and tools for cultivating a strong connection to the Spirit realms. 


June 2022


This month we will go deep into the theme of transformation and purification.  How to tap into healing ancestral trauma that needs to be healed and various tools and meditations to assist. 


August 2022


Love is the missing sacred element. The 5th element that embodies healing, connection, community, empowerment and how we truly need love to thrive.  We will explore the power of connection, various healing techniques to help raise our vibration in the name of love and healing


October 2022


An in person week long retreat! Location and specifics to be announced at a later date. 

We will dive deep into sacred water teachings and blessings from different ancestral practices. We will go into the energetics of how water can heal us and how to cultivate a sacred relationship with water for the healing of the earth and also ourselves.  We will visit sacred water sites-offering prayers, alters and healing. 


As these courses will be interactive, you will be asked to partner up with other participants and practice various exercises to further cultivate tools we are sharing with you. This work will include solo-mediations, daily journaling and self exploration.  In summer of 2022, we will be able to meet up for an in person retreat where we can all finally meet in person, connect in and have some healing fun!


We highly encourage participants to join us for the entire 5 series course- we will be offering options for participants to join monthly or for a few courses instead of all 5. Although it should be noted this course is designed for the full 5 courses to fully immerse yourself into the Elevated Empath series experience. We also understand that this may not be doable for some participants and would like to make this curriculum available to those that feel truly called here.  


Cost for ONE month course ~ $250

To sign up in advance for the entire 5 month series is $1250 plus travel and accommodation fees for our final in person retreat. More details on pricing will be announced at a later time.


We have payment plans available. Please reach out to Lina, one of our facilitators, at if you have questions about payment plans and/or where to make payment.


The last course (Water) will be a different price based on travel, accommodations, etc. We will be updating information as we go so if you have questions about this course, please check back in 2022.

Inquire below for more information or to sign up!

Thank you for inquiring about The Elevated Empath series!

Thank you, we will be emailing you shortly!

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